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HM app Arana by Mint-Princess HM app Arana by Mint-Princess
you have no fudge-loving idea how long this took me because I lost my pen to my pen tablet!!!! So mad at myself right now. I used only my mouse and Paint Tool SAI. I got lazy doing the other facts picture ^^;

~edit~ WOW I made a lot of guys gotta tell me this stuff or I will never learn...

Name: Arana Maribell
Age: 18 (in human years) er 6 in Diving Bell years
DOB : April 15
Height: 5.2
Creature: Noble Argyroneta
Tower: Time Tower

Notable Features:Arana has a blood red oval gem at the center of her widow's peak (her M hair line). Her (spider) abdomen is usually covered with a bubble when under water which is called a Bell. This Bell expands to become her shelter (only the females of her species are able to do this for the males do not require it. Rather, they have a small one that fits around their head). When out of water she does not need the Bell. The color’s she usually wears are different shades of blue with red then adds any kind of bright colors with them. Arana does not have heels; her feet just come to a point. Her skin is like blue-ish silver while her (spider) abdomen is like a navy blue. She might not have a mouth on her face but she can talk, telepathically that is. Don't be confused when I say that, her kind can only talk telepathically no one can read minds and she is no exception to that. So don't try to talk back to her by your thoughts, because she can't hear it. She has 2 big bubbles, one on each ear. This prevents the pressure of going in and out of the water to explode her ear drums. Arana only eats tilapia, shrimp (of all kinds), and shark. She breathes air and not water. Her mouth is found at her stomach and in there the teeth are layered; there is a type acid in her mouth that dissolves flesh and all types of metals (such as iron, steel, ect.). And lastly Arana always has something gold on her right arm.

Likes: Arana loves food. She also loves to read of all types of stories from old to new (just not the perverse ones). But what she enjoys reading the most is human comics. Arana loves talking to friends and unlike other Argyroneta's her age, instead of hoping for a mate to come across her under water Bell (bubble) and have sex, she encloses her Bell and stays within it reading and tinkering with lost human things she finds when she is out (you could call her an amateur engineer). What she loves the most is making new friends, even if she views everyone as friends she hasn't met yet (she doesn't have many in the Diving Bell Empire).

Dislikes: worms, just the sight of them will make her go in shock. She also does not like crabs and hates pineapple. Arana also hates being stupid, acting stupid, looking stupid (and this goes for her and other people) and unnecessary stupid laws. 

Fears: WORMS, CATERPILLARS AND GRUBS, OH MY! really anything with that worm-like appearances will freak her out, also she is terrified of being stared at (kinda like stage fright, to a degree). Arana is also afraid of not being accepted and looking like a fool. She continually has nightmares about these. Poor baby.

Goals: Despite her being antisocial where she lived before, she wants to make friends and explore now.
Personality: She is really shy but confident on what she believes. Arana has a belief system that knowledge is power, and without it you are a parasite. Thus you should always seek it. She is also very curious about everything, might be because she only knows what she has been exposed to. Which is basically Argyroneta culture and very little human culture. She is disgusted by anything that is perverse really and despite her looks; she is sort of like a Goth Nerd if you want it in modern terms. With Arana being anti-social at first glance and having a talent with mechanics while having an interest in human (super hero) comics, that title suits her well. dont you think? She can't help herself in front of food. In fact if you were to persuade her with food that has Tilapia, shrimp, or shark in it, you basically have her hypnotized. Congratulations on your new Diving Bell. though Arana is timid with other creatures Arana craves adventure!

History: Arana Maribell was born in the Diving bell class of a Nobel Argyroneta family. There are 3 types in the Diving Bell class there is the silver spinners (these are the lower class of society. they do as their title says which is spins silver for all types of materials all diving bells spin silver), the Argyroneta's (which would be the middle class, they form the majority of their society), and the Noble Argyroneta's (which is the upper class people), although they are a good size this is not the majority of the society, most of them thought this to be a disgrace to the empire so they put out a law stating that every female of noble race must be out of their parents bell and living her own bell by the age of 5 (in human years that would be 15) and by the age of 8 (which is 24 in human years) must have at least one child. If these requirements were not made they would demote the females of their rank to a silver spinner. They could gain their title once again when they wed into Noble Blood (all females are able to gain a higher title by being wed). Being repulsed by this new law Arana wanted to run away but she knew she had no place to go to so instead she just enclosed her Bell (by this I mean she made it thicker so that it would be almost impossible to get in) from anyone and only ever so rarely went out to catch food or other interesting trinkets she finds. Unlike most arachnid species the male Diving Bells are the dominant not the female, with that being said Arana hunting for her own food was basically against the law. Arana gets really annoyed by all the dumb laws. Although Arana lived most of her life under water (never said she breaths water she just lives there, all Diving bells go to the surface to grab air for their bell's so they can breathe but they can go w/o air for 3 hours) she want to know about everything beyond the world she knows.

"I ate a hamburger and found a patch of hair in it!" <--that was just to see if you were still awake. cuz I know I am not...

Powers: Arana makes bubbles, she can just have them appear out of nowhere. She can turn those bubbles into bombs of all sorts (with the right materials). With carbon monoxide and hydrogen available her bubbles could collect the gases then after a minute or so (if exposed to atmospheric oxygen) the bubble will pop then an explosion (if you didn't know what happens when the two gasses mentioned are when mixed with oxygen, it will create a large explosion. There is a science lesson for ya.). Another way would be using collected gunpowder and a ANFO (Ammonium nitrate/fuel oil) surrounding the bubble, with an assistance of a match these can be a decent bomb used in wet or damp arias. She can also make any contraption (thingy) lightning fast (again with all the right materials). With that in mind, Arana is well addressed to human culture but only uses it as a template for creativity. keep in mind that her culture is some what archaic and focuses more on art, sculptures, and things of that sort. Not on gadgets that could possibly help or better the economy in some way, shape or form. Some of the things she has made is a bubble gun that collects the bubbles she makes and shoots them out w/ a small pressurized cannon built inside. Another one is a "Holo-Reader" which scans any book you put in front of it and gives a holographic image(s) of what is going on in each page. You could say she is very handy HO-YES. (pun).

Skills/Strengths: Arana does not have much talents so its mostly what was mention in her powers section which was her mechanic skills, and bubbles, but she is also able to spin silver (instead of that silk stuff like what most arachnids do) and can climb up to 40ft fairly. Arana can also hold someone as she does that, but she will get dizzy.

Weaknesses: Arana is weak when up against her timidness, having her fears and because she lived her whole life under water she is very clumsy and she gets befuddled when she trips or falls or makes a mistake.

Light Purple Bullet - F2U! RP info:

Chatroom availability: I could go on around 5:30 or 6:00 (PM that is) till what ever on friday, saturday all day (in special occasions I may not be on at all) BGV, sunday from 9:00- 10:00 and 4:00- 8:30 and any days/weeks/months off.

IM availability:just the same as the top plus any type of day/weeks/months off.

RP preferences: Casual, Fighting, Adventure, One on One, Group RPs, Alternate Universe, and Romance/Pairing.

Roleplay Sample: Arana- *standing in front of the doors of this ghastly mansion as large eye watch made her want to jump out of her skin because it was creepy to her. But as she sees people going inside her excitement rises up again. The chance to meet new people and see more new things and the chance to explore wants to make her explode.* I can't wait!! *she thinks to herself as she clenches her hands together and tries so hard not fall and make a seen*
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Rizen: *as he was flying around, he noticed a few people arriving the mansion and recognized a familiar face. He landed a few steps from her and tucked his wings as he didn't need them for talking.* Arana! You made it. I'm glad, it's always nice to see a familiar face. *he said while smiling slightly*
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